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Our Story

Are you having the best time of your life traveling freely from one place to another, creating unforgettable experiences while meeting new people and exploring new cultures? Come and stay at The Rabbit Tree Hostel and add an extraordinary experience to your trip. 'Cause life is awesome, isn't it?

It is our greatest pleasure to welcome you into your new home on Gili Meno. The Rabbit Tree is the most creative building in the Gilis and still changes organically everyday. We attract artists, happiness chasers and creative minds looking for an experience that will last for the rest of their lives.

The atmosphere here is at the very least surprising, nothing is what it seems. Be prepared to get lost between the future and now. The rooms are all part of The Rabbit Tree story, which we will tell you as soon as you arrive...

Your stay at our hostel is one to remember. Have you ever slept in a ball pit bedroom, a room that feels like flying boat, or in one filled with hundreds of pillows? And what would you do if the main sitting area suddenly becomes a pool in front of your eyes? You might lose yourself in the maize and find a secret passage to gaze the stars...

Through those experiences you will find something you’ve always been looking for: your dreams. Because, believe it or not, at the edge of imagination and reality, dreams can come true.

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