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The Rabbit Tree runs activities for every day of the week open to everyone on the island! We have regular game nights, pool parties, movie nights and quiz nights that have proved to be hilarious, fun, memorable.

Meno's Statues

we can go together to the place of the statues and discover this incredible and internationally known place.



The island of Gili Meno is an ideal place for snorkeling: statues, turtle point, coral garden: places where you can observe magnificent fish and beautiful coral.

Sunset & Sunrise


admire the magnificent colors of sunrises and sunsets on the edges of the island.

Jewelry Conception


With our partner and neighbor The Brotherhood, many activities are planned: you can make jewelry and others utensils as ID straws

Relaxation Stations

The Rabbit Tree has several places (some hidden!) where you can relax, take a nap and recover from the stresses that can come with traveling. Climb up onto the roof terrace or find a quiet corner with a beanbag and a book to get the full tranquil feel of the island.


In our hostel you can find board games, various card games, Mario Kart and giant floor Twister! The perfect ingredients for making new friends in the hostel or if you are traveling with a group of friends.

Gili T / Gili Air / Lombok


Book a round trip boat to visit the nearby islands at Gili Meno. We can even organize a return trip for parties and parties. Get special prices with our partner GiliTrip.

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