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What to do in Gili Meno?

Before, you must know that there are activities every day at the Rabbit Tree!

It would be hard to include everything we do together at the Rabbit Tree,

but let's give a few examples...


Movie night

Giant twister

Sunset on the beach

Traditional dinner

Ball pit party

Games night

Yoga, Workout

In Gili Meno, many things to do!

Go to walk around the island

It only takes one hour...

Or one day if you slow down and take your time to enjoy the wonderfull places that Gili Meno offers you.

Discover the lake and mangroves

Relax on the most lovely beach of the 3 Gilis

Admire the sunrise or the sunset

You would like to do some good things?

Visit the turtle sanctuary

It’s a place near the beach with 4 small pools.
The aim is to collect the eggs from the shore before predators eat them, grow the little turtles until they are about 1 year old, and release them in their natural environment.
Thanks to this work, we still have a lot of turtles around Gili Meno.
You can support this with a small donation!

Join the Trash Heroes

Meet locals and tourists every Sunday around 3.30pm at the Brotherhood and walk together to collect the trash.

It will be an unforgettable moment to share with locals!
They also take care of the trash bins around the island, so be sure to throw your waste in one of those.

The main activity on the island:


Good news!

All the best snorkeling spots are around Gili Meno

You can rent a mask from us at the reception for 30K and go to swim with the turtles.
We will help you to find the best spots on the surrounding reefs, including the famous underwater statues.

Or for only 150K (175k if less than 3 people on the boat) you can book a 3 hours boat trip.
With a maximum of 15 people per boat, a local expert will guide you through 4 locations including the statues, the wreck and 2 turtles spots.

You liked snorkeling? Ok, let's go deeper


The Gilis are part of the best spots in the world for diving, with an exceptionally warm and clear water, and slow current.
Don’t miss that!

You can book through us for a dive with Divine Divers.
They offer the best services quality, and work in a good atmosphere.
They organize discovery dives, fun dives and diving certificate.
Let us know if you want to book in advance.

(we offer the same prices as the club)

You want to do an unforgettable ride?

Horse riding

For 400K per person, enjoy a 1h~1h30 ride around the island, going through the paths and the beach.
You can go on the morning or in the afternoon to admire the sunset. In both cases, you will stop at some lovely points to take incredible pictures.
Departure and arrival at Rabbit Tree.

You can also go fishing

You have 2 options...

Private fishing trip

For 350K per person, go for a 3 hours boat trip and try two fishing techniques:
-bottom fishing

(to catch groupers, snappers, and more)
-crowling fishing

(to catch barracudas, giant trevally, even sometimes tunas).


For 380K per person, go with a guide who will teach you spearfishing during 3 hours.
You will leave directly from the beach to catch different kinds of local fish, or maybe octopus.



Also, you want to go into an adventure?
Click here!

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