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It all started by a silence. A blank that your memory can't recall. You lost us, you don't remember when it happened.
Only our tracks are left. Silently, they lead you to us.
Here, where everything is still possible.
You say you are travelling, but you will see, it is much more than that.
Welcome to you, old friend. Just open the door, we are right behind, waiting for you.

Your dreams.

Thank you for your booking, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Rabbit Tracks

Now, let us help you to travel To or From the Gili.

From and To Bali

From and To Lombok

Between the Gilis and Bangsal

You're already at the harbour of Gili Meno?

Just click on this map

and follow the red path.

Rabbit Tracks

Once you're arrived, discover the wonders of the island.

Snorkeling Gear
Diving shadow
Jumping dolphin

(Click on the icons to learn more)

Running Horse
Spearfiching shadow

A myriad of activities at the Rabbit Tree Hostel and around Gili Meno.

We take care of everything!

Then, when it'll be time to continue your trip, we'll still be here for you...

We offer tickets at low price for incredible adventures.

Komodo Trip Boat
Rinjani Trek view of The Lake Segara Anak
Tiup Kelep Waterfall
Rabbit Tracks

Likewise, find here the best options for reaching another dreamland from the Gilis.

Rabbit Tracks

You can also find useful information about visa, money and Gili Meno

Finally, few precious cultural tips and Indonesian words

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information!

See, old friend, dreams come true.
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