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Gilis Island-hopping boats

It's very easy to travel between the Gilis!

You have 2 options...

Public boats:

Twice a day for 40K

Gili T



Gili Air

8.50am / 3.20pm

9.30am / 4.00pm

9.50am / 4.20pm

8.30am / 3.00pm

Private boats:

Every hour for 85K

We bargained for you to get cheaper transportations (or at least same prices than anybody else here). So don’t hesitate to contact us to book your ticket. It would be a shame to miss it.

How to come from or to go to Lombok?

First, public boats make the link every day between Gili Meno and Bangsal for 25K





8am / 3.30pm

10am / 2pm / 5pm

To go to or to leave Bangsal:

We have special prices for shuttles or taxis!

Mataram Airport:

Shuttle 140k pax

Taxi for 350K up to 3 people

Kuta Lombok:

Shuttle for 140K pax

Taxi for 350K up to 3 people


Shuttle for 110K pax

Taxi for 180K up to 3 people

You want to go to another place? Contact us!

How to come from or to go to Bali?

You have 2 options...

Our option, the Cheapest one:

To go through Bangsal

Take the fast boat between Bali and Bangsal, then take the public boat to Gili Meno at 14:00 or 17:00 for 25k. You can also stop in Gili AIr or Gili T instead, but it doesn't stop in Gili Meno.

- two ways ticket for 470k

It's cheaper to take directly the two ways ticket if you already know that you will come back to Bali.

It's an open date return ticket, that means you don't need to know when you leave us.

If you want to take shuttles in Bali from or to main areas (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Jembaran, Sanur Airport), count 100K more per way.

(So in total 670K if you take a shuttle in both ways.)

- One way ticket for 250K

This is the price from Bali. From the Gilis it is slightly more expensive (300k).

Count only 100K more if you want to be picked up or drop off in South Bali.

Then, see above for the boat between Bangsal and Gili Meno.

You can also go directly to and from other places in Bali

Take a fast boat from Gili T or Bangsal

Nusa Penida:

for 350K


not available now


for 375K


for 400K

You are adventurous?

Here is a cheap way to go to Flores:

26 hours trip to Flores,

including bus and ferries for 300K

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